This Is A MUST Have For ALL Artists & Brands!

Social Media is a big part of a brands success, yet so many brands are ignoring it or attacking it incorrectly.

MAAD Management, LLC. has created an interactive Social Media Style Guide to help take the frustration out of your Social Media development and get you headed in the right direction.

For only $1.99 (One Time Fee), you can immediately download the Social Media Style Guide PDF. Print it out and write on it, edit the pdf digitally, or hang it up on your office wall. The choice is YOURS!

It’s tough building your own business, your own brand and career. Social Media is very important and we wanted to offer something that EVERYONE could benefit from, all for under two-bucks.

The Social Media Style Guide Covers:

  • Finding Your Social Media Voice
  • Proper Posting Techniques
  • Learning Who Your Target Audience & Demographic Is
  • Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions
  • How To Be Consistent on Social Media
  • Editorial & Content Guidelines
  • Posting Times & Frequency
  • + Much More!*

BONUSStyle Guide updates every quarter via email!

Style Guide Sample: Find Out The Correct Way To Post Content To FacebookScreen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.33.32 PM

Once you purchase the Social Media Style Guide, you will receive quarterly updates directly from MAAD Management, LLC. via email. Quarterly updates will include any changes to the previous guide, news in social media, stand-out social media campaigns and much more!

When you are building a brand, having organization and a plan is a must. You invest in so much, but please do not overlook the power of Social Media. We hope you are impressed with what a $1.99 investment gets you. I must say, it’s pretty incredible 🙂


MAAD Management, LLC. has worked with some of the top music and fashion brands, and has 8 years of experience in Social Media, Online Marketing and Online Advertising.

*The Social Media Style Guide covers Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram